Legal services to fit your business needs

I felt very informed with my legal options when my contract was being negotiated. It was awesome to have that peace of mind to know that I had covered my basis with such a large decision.

We depended on Mary K’s knowledge and advice in establishing a solid foundation to build our small business around and she delivered. Mary K makes you feel comfortable asking any question and provides answers in terms that a layperson can understand.

Mary K was my only source of strength against a large corporate entity sought on taking advantage of my naivety with the legal process. She fought side by side with me, listened to my concerns, and gave me very direct advice and counsel with regard to the situation.

“Legal services to fit your business needs”

Our boutique law firm, located in the Boise metropolitan area,  provides an “in-house counsel” atmosphere designed to work with you and for you, to meet your goals, recognize your “bottom-line” and provide the same quality customer service to you as you provide to your customers.  Mary K. Denton, the principal attorney here, knows how important it is for legal work to bring value to your company at an affordable rate.

Our firm concentrates on legal issues related to formation of companies; buying, leasing, building on real property; construction (general contractors, owners, subcontractors, and material suppliers) contracts; sales order and contracts, warranties and terms, employment-related contracts, and generally, any legal issue that involves your day-to-day business operations or plans. We also work with a number of experienced attorneys who specialize in other  areas of law so that we can assist you in getting the help you need in a timely fashion from a reliable source.  Our mission statement is to provide quality, cost-conscious legal services to meet business needs.  We want you to consider BLC  part of your staff!