Business Legal Consulting helped me get my dental practice up and running smoothly with the advice/help I received. I felt very informed with my legal options when my contract was being negotiated. It was awesome to have that peace of mind to know that I had covered my basis with such a large decision. Mary K was a joy to work with!

Matthew T. DDS

Mary K. was a crucial part of our small business startup. Not having the experience of starting a business before, Mary K. provided us with every detail we needed to consider in deciding how to structure our business. She helped us setup our bylaws and all the legal documents we needed to establish our S-Corp. We depended on Mary K’s knowledge and advice in establishing a solid foundation to build our small business around and she delivered. Mary K makes you feel comfortable asking any question and provides answers in terms that a layperson can understand. Plus, she is just a kick-in-the-pants to get to know!

Tamea T. Co- Owner of a successful meal preparation business

As a doctor in private practice located in Boise, Idaho, I have utilized the legal services provided by Mary K. Denton and her law firm Business Legal Consulting, PLLC, to provide representation as a result of an unfortunate contested Breach of Contract experience. I received individualized professional services from her law firm resulting in the receipt of an acceptable settlement. Throughout the process, Mary K. Denton demonstrated the utmost professionalism and timely expert representation. Initially, I contacted several other law firms and Mary K. Denton was one of only two attorneys that actually returned my call. Mary K. Denton, demonstrated sincere concern and willingness to take the case. The other attorney that responded was a partner within a large law firm and was more focused on describing his detailed hourly fee structure. Parenthetically, his professional fees were almost twice the hourly fees compared to Mary K. Denton’s professional fees. I would not hesitate to provide referrals to Mary K. Denton’s Business Legal Consulting law firm based upon her enduring commitment, expertise, personal representation, and ability to get the job done.

Dr. Steve

I was referred to Mary K Denton and Business Legal Consulting by a patient of mine as I started a new business with a venture capital partner. Not only was Mary K exceptional in her handling of the contract process, but when the partnership ended, Mary K was my only source of strength against a large corporate entity set on taking advantage of my naivety with the legal process. She fought side by side with me, listened to my concerns, and gave me very direct advice and counsel with regard to the situation. She explained things in ways I could understand and fought for me when my former partners tried to make gains at my expense. I give my strongest recommendation to Mary K.

Brett H. Business Entrepreneur and Physical Therapist